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her name is Katherine G. Johnson

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53 years ago today (April 12), Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut, became the first human to travel into space and change history, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth.

So on April 12, Gagarin, who turned into an international celebrity and hero, is being commemorated for paving the way for future space exploration by the International Day of Human Space Flight (Cosmonautics Day).

I really recommend looking him up. There’s so much to know about him and the history-making flight.

My favourite thing is probably the landing to an unplanned site: A farmer and her daughter observed the strange scene of a figure in a bright orange suit with a large white helmet landing near them by parachute. Gagarin later recalled, “When they saw me in my space suit and the parachute dragging alongside as I walked, they started to back away in fear. I told them, don’t be afraid, I am a Soviet citizen like you, who has descended from space and I must find a telephone to call Moscow!”

Happy International Day of Human Space Flight!


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The known largest distant galaxy gluster turns out to be even bigger than thought!
Hubble Space Telescope has weighed the most massive galaxy cluster, which contains several hundred galaxies swarming around under the collective gravitational pull, and found that it definitely lives up to its nickname: El Gordo (Spanish for “the fat one”).
By precisely measuring how much the gravity from the cluster’s mass warps images of far-more-distant background galaxies, a team of astronomers has calculated the cluster’s mass to be as much as 3 million billion times the mass of our Sun. The Hubble data show that the cluster is roughly 43% more massive than earlier estimates based on X-ray and dynamical studies of the unusual cluster.
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Atlantis STS-71 attached to Mir Space Station [3,000×3,000]

Watching the beautiful universe !

Black Hole by Andy Potts